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Making Mead, Week 8 Racking and Clearing

cloudy mead being racked
racking mead homebrewing

I’ve allowed the mead to age for 6 weeks in my closet with no agitation. A few weeks ago, I racked (transferred) it to a clean carboy (large glass bottle) to leave behind the lees (separated solids) which wasn’t much. As you can see, it hadn’t cleared at all really. I decided in mix in a dose of bentonite as a clearing agent. I got out my trusty mixing whip for my cordless drill and started mixing.  Remember the CocaCola and mentos experiment?  It reminded me of that.  I lost about a quart due to the overflow, but topped it back off with spring water.

Man, that bentonite works! Within 3 hours, I had about an inch of lees and a crystal clear mead in the carboy.

Preracking sample specs:
Specific Gravity: 1.002
pH: forgot to take one (oops)
Temperature: 79 degrees F

Now that the mead is clear, I’m making preparations to bottle it.  Half will be a still mead and bottled in wine bottles.  The other half will be primed with honey for carbonation and bottled in beer bottles.  Before that I need to make my final acid adjustments.  THAT is my research for this week.

Really Goode Job? I voted for Randy Elrod

I’ve been hitting ya’ll up on Twitter and Facebook to vote for my friend, Randy Elrod, for his dream job in a contest called A Really Goode Job.  Many of you have asked me exactly what that is.  In a nutshell, the Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County, California is looking for a wine lover and social media virtuoso to help them launch their Web 2.0 presence.  In an innovative use of social media, they’re screening applicants using social media.  Each applicant submits a 60 second video and solicits votes for their entry.  While a high number of votes won’t guarantee the job, it will improve the chances of getting an interview.

That said, why did I vote for Randy and why should you?

  1. He is perhaps the most knowledgeable wine connoisseur I know.  He hosts wine tastings frequently to benefit Kalein, an artist center for creative studies in Tennessee and serves as sommelier to his blog readers and twitter followers worldwide.
  2. Having nurtured his blog Ethos to a Google Pagerank of 5 and made thousands of friends on Facebook and thousands of  followers on Twitter, Randy is passionate about social media.  So much so, he co-hosts Lifework 2.0, an educational and creative think-tank to inspire others to use the medium to its full potential in their lives and businesses.
  3. Randy is also my friend and one of the most passionate people I know.  He is a wonderful host and an engaging conversationalist.  Randy will be completely at ease in the winery and vineyards and make masterful conversation with customers, the media, and the winery’s fans via social media.

So now, I’ve convinced you, what now?

Click here to go to Randy’s video page, watch his video then enter your email address and click submit.  Then check your email and click the confirmation link.  The whole process takes about 70 seconds.  You can vote once from each email address you have.


When you’re done voting, drop back by here and leave me a comment to let me know you did!

UPDATE: Check out Randy’s interview with Hugh Hewitt HERE. (Randy’s segment is 19:00 in)