Leonard Cohen, singer, poet, philosopher, songwriter

Welcome to the inaugural post of Favorites Friday. Each Friday, I’ll share some of my favorite music, writing, movies… anything that’s a favorite of mine.
Leonard CohenI was first introduced to Leonard Cohen through the soundtrack of the early 90’s movie Pump Up the Volume starring Christian Slater. Leonard’s raspy voice belting out Everybody Knows spoke to me as an 17 year old high school senior. The lyrics seems to sum up all I knew about the world at the time. Since, that song has been successfully covered by Rufus Wainwright, Concrete Blonde (their version is also on the soundtrack) and Don Henley and yet nothing substitutes for Leonard’s own rendition. I didn’t know at the time this poet was older than my own father.

Leonard has done much of what I suspect would do me good.

  • Spent time with Janis Joplin
  • Study religion in a monastery
  • Dated Rebecca De Mornay

During a recent tribute, I’m Your Man, Teddy Thompson covered another fantastic song which sometimes I find myself singing as I remember someone that was special to me. Interesting though, that someone hated Leonard’s music until I pointed out his music on the soundtrack one of her favorite movies, Shrek. Can you find the song he wrote?

The rest of the tribute-mentary is fantastic and includes other performances by Rufus Wainright, Nick Cave and Bono.

Leonard Cohen wiki

What other less known artists have influenced you?