bryan at canaveral national seasoreFrom an early age, Bryan had curiosity for gadgets and anything electronic. Frequently taking apart his toys taught him valuable lessons about how things work. He eventually learned not to break them in the process.

He was continually encouraged into electronics and computers and studied at an engineering college.

Bryan has now worked in the engineering and computer programming fields for almost 12 years.

Bryan’s love of the outdoors came later while in college, from friends taking him to waterfalls in the area.

Bryan is now an avid hiker, camper, backpacker and strives to hike somewhere every week.

Bryan’s favorite areas are the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Radnor Lake State Natural Area, and South Cumberland State Recreation Area.

The views Bryan expresses here at WildrLog do not necessarily represent those of his employer or member organizations. If you want to know what they think, you should probably ask them.

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