Making Mead, Week 8 Racking and Clearing

cloudy mead being racked
racking mead homebrewing

I’ve allowed the mead to age for 6 weeks in my closet with no agitation. A few weeks ago, I racked (transferred) it to a clean carboy (large glass bottle) to leave behind the lees (separated solids) which wasn’t much. As you can see, it hadn’t cleared at all really. I decided in mix in a dose of bentonite as a clearing agent. I got out my trusty mixing whip for my cordless drill and started mixing.  Remember the CocaCola and mentos experiment?  It reminded me of that.  I lost about a quart due to the overflow, but topped it back off with spring water.

Man, that bentonite works! Within 3 hours, I had about an inch of lees and a crystal clear mead in the carboy.

Preracking sample specs:
Specific Gravity: 1.002
pH: forgot to take one (oops)
Temperature: 79 degrees F

Now that the mead is clear, I’m making preparations to bottle it.  Half will be a still mead and bottled in wine bottles.  The other half will be primed with honey for carbonation and bottled in beer bottles.  Before that I need to make my final acid adjustments.  THAT is my research for this week.