Making Mead Update, Week 2

racking-the-meadI was really impressed.  Following the tips from Basic Brewing and Hightest’s Honey Haven, I was able to get the mead fully fermented in about two weeks.  I think staggering the yeast nutrient into the must and doing the one pH adjustment helped the yeast do its job and quickly.  I racked (siphoned) off the must into a clean and sanitized 6 gallon carboy (Bottle) and put it under airlock in my closet.  I will probably will check it every few weeks and hopefully it will clear on its own.  Every 6 weeks or so, I’ll rack it off into a clean carboy to get rid of the dead yeast.  Thanks for following this experiment with me.

Specific Gravity: 1.006
pH: 3.5
Temperature: 76 degrees F