I am an anti-bureaucrat

I have come to realize the past few days how much of an anti-bureaucrat I am.  I’m not so much anti-establishment.  I just loathe when that establishment gets in the way.  I think Jesus had a problem with that too.  Dealing with the aftermath of the 1,000 year flood event here in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, I have become more of one.

Rather than wallow in what I have experienced recently, I’d like to recognize an organization that, at least from my perception as a casual observer, gets it right.  The need is great and tons of people are willing to help.  Crosspoint Community Church recognized that and said more or less “We’re going to be helping people do this or that.  We’ll meet here at this time.  Bring this tool or that to donate.”  None of the more standard “sign up for this or email us for that or check our website and we’ll get back with you.” None of the “we’re coordinating with responsible agencies” bravo sierra.  Just simply “here’s where we’ll be and what we need done, just show up”.  We need more of what Rex Hammock @r called “open-source get-er-done.” and Crosspoint is an excellent example.  Crosspoint IS organizing and coordinating with other agencies, just in the background.  They’re not letting it block the way.

In another time, waiting for organization and coordination is admirable and even the responsible thing to do.  But now the needs are great, the workers are plentiful, who cares who gets credit, just get it done.

Photo credit: southerntabitha