A Strange Start to My Birthday

Today is my birthday and a strange one it is already.  As a rule, I always take a day off on my birthday and go find some quiet wilderness to explore and to listen to my Creator.  This year, one of my best clients (and a good friend as well) needs my help to quickly finish a politically charged and lagging behind project.  Since I’ve been in this business, I’ve met perhaps 5 people I would do this for and he’s one of them.

So, I started today like most Monday mornings.  I got up early, grabbed my workout bag and drove to the rec center to swim.  In the locker room, I realized I left my swimming trunks at home.  So here I sit in Panera writing this and eating my breakfast sandwich before I head into the office to work on my birthday.  So far, my one indulgence?  I’m totally wearing shorts and sandals in the office today.